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My Adjustment Passport (MAP)

Do you have a disability, health condition or require a temporary workplace adjustment? If the answer is yes, then My Adjustment PassportLink opens in a new window can help you.

MAP is essentially a tool to help you to have meaningful and confidential conversations with your line manager or other University representative about a disability that may require some workplace adjustments in order to support you in your role.

Whilst you are under no obligation to share the nature of your disability or health condition, it is important for you to know that sharing your disability and how it affects you at work would help the University and your department to be able to offer you effective workplace adjustments and support. MAP can be used in conjunction with other coping strategies/workplace adjustments such as ‘Access to Work’.

MAP should be completed and agreed by both you and your line manager or other University representative and used to discuss and record possible workplace adjustments. MAP is owned by you and can move with you, should you change roles within the University.

Key Documents

Documents you will need to implement workplace adjustments:

If you need workplace adjustments, or are supporting a staff member who needs adjustments, and can't find what you need here, contact


There is a centralised University budget for adjustments and line managers should contact to discuss requirements.

Sharing Information About a Disability or Health Condition

It is important to note that staff are under no obligation to share the nature of their disability or health condition. However, sharing this information can assist us in offering effective workplace adjustments and any additional support required. As such, we encourage staff to share any disabilities or illnesses to their line manager and/or HR Business Partner. You can read more about reasons for sharing your personal information on the Equality Monitoring: Why Share Your Personal Information? webpage.

Newly acquired disabilities

Sources of information and support can be found using the links below.

For staff:

For line managers:

Duty to Provide Adjustments

The Equality Act (2010) places on public bodies, including the University, a duty to take such steps as are reasonable to provide adjustments or aids if a disabled person is substantially disadvantaged by any of the following:

  • A provision, criterion, or practice.
  • A physical feature of the premises.
  • The absence of an auxiliary aid or service.

The aim of this duty is to ensure that disabled people can access a service or workplace at as close to the same standard as non-disabled people would receive as it is possible to achieve.

The duty is 'anticipatory' meaning that public bodies, including the University, must be ready to comply with this duty at any time i.e. the University is not expected to anticipate the needs of every prospective staff member, but we are required to consider and take reasonable and proportionate steps to overcome barriers that may impede people with different kinds of disabilities.