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Create, Plan and Reflect Together
Flexible Spaces to develop and grow ideas collaboratively
Work together allowing everyone to contribute and discuss to shape projects


  • Develop communication and team work skills via group activities
  • Working together online enables students to input throughout project and have visibility of the material
  • Supports groups to track individual tasks, progress and contributions
  • Easy to reference and update continually as a project develops
  • Enables groups to develop a holistic view of their project improving planning and understanding

    Collaborate at Warwick with Padlet

    Padlet offers flexible spaces for groups to work together. Creating, sharing and mapping on a dynamic shared board.

    • Share and embed a wide range of file types and multimedia offering context and flexibility in approach
    • Easily share and add additional users to contribute or view pages
    • Visually plan using mind maps and spidergrams to develop structure together
    • A persistent space allows updates to be shared regularly making the team more efficient and reactive to others progress

    Example Recipes - How collaboration tools can be used to enhance your teaching.

    Recipe description 1