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How to register for an ITS Account

New applicants: Once you've applied and received your 7-digit Warwick University ID you can use the link below. You will be able to access a limited range of services until you have enrolled at Warwick.

Everyone else:

New students: You'll need to enrol before you can register. You'll get an email before your course starts telling you when and how to do this. If you got the email, but can't find it now, you can enrol online at Don't try this unless you've received the email though - our systems won't be ready for you otherwise.

New staff: You can register once Human Resources have added you to their systems. Your department will arrange this for you.

Open Studies Certificate students: You don't need to enrol - you can register straight away.

Assuming you've sorted out everything above, go to:

Your responsibilities

Once registered, you have to:

Related services:

New staff IT induction

Request an account for someone external to Warwick

IT Accounts

Staff and enrolled students will be able to access the following services once they have registered their accounts:

  • Email
  • Printing
  • Microsoft Office
  • Work Area computers
  • Campus Wi-Fi
  • UNIX facilities
And lots more useful IT services.

Note: Applicants will only have access to a very limited range of services.