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University guidance on the cleaning schedules and responsibilities of CCS and SEAs

  • Wipes will be supplied in CTTRs by Campus Cleaning Services and the Student Experience Ambassadors (SEA at warwick dot ac dot uk)
  • Wipes should be taken into LTTRs by teaching staff
  • Teaching staff should be able to obtain them from their departmental Admin teams
  • Departments can order them from the Opera "shopping list"
  • In both CTTRs and LTTRs teaching staff should wipe down their lecterns/desks
  • In both CTTRs and LTTRs teaching staff should actively encourage students to wipe down their desks
  • The detail relating to each room is in the Risk Assessments (RAs), and the RAs for both CTTRs and LTTRs are on the space management website
  • Teaching staff must check the relevant RAs before a teaching session and preferably well before the day of teaching for the optimum experience
  • If teaching staff need to check anything though the RAs, they can be accessed from a mobile device using the QR code on the ‘crib sheet’ in each room
  • The 'crib sheets' are just a very short reminder of the key points and not detailed instructions - the key is that staff read and understand the RAs well before the start of any given teaching session
  • Students can also access the RAs via the same web site space management website

Campus Cleaning Services has the responsibility to top up and replenish the hand sanitisers dispensers 3 times per day and to provide 2 or 3 packets of wipes (as needed) every morning to each CTTR teaching room.

Throughout the day the Campus Cleaning Services department is maintaining the wipes stock in the CTTR teaching spaces as needed.