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Student Experience Ambassadors

When you are on campus you can ask any of our Student Experience Ambassadors (SEAs) for directions and guidance.

Our new team of Student Experience Ambassadors (SEAs) will be working across campus to support you by providing guidance and direction on the behaviour required around campus teaching Buildings, Study and dwell spaces. At the same time, supporting you with way-finding and general questions. The SEAs are wearing Warwick Conferences uniform with a “Student Experience Ambassador” high visibility jacket so should be easy to spot. Look out for them and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

You will find a SEA in many of the campus buildings and they’ll be around from 8.30 - 21.00 (this may vary between buildings):

  • Rootes
  • WBS
  • Bus terminal
  • Oculus
  • Sports Hub
  • Westwood
  • Science concourse
  • Library bridge
  • Zeeman
  • The Junction
  • Butterworth Hall
  • University House
  • Milburn House
  • Social Sciences
  • Ramphal
  • MSB
  • Gibbet Hill