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Universal Capture (Personal)

Universal Capture (Personal) (UC) software enables you to record video content anytime, anywhere on PC or Mac devices and publish it to Echo360 for your students to watch. The UC software is available for university managed and personal/unmanaged devices.

UC now provides the option to Live Stream a recording. Live streaming should only be used where absolutely necessary. There is little difference between a recorded lecture, that students watch at any time, and a live stream as there is no interactivity with the participants. The University recommends using asynchronous (not live, anytime) activities so that students are fully able to engage with the learning materials at any time.

Further Guidance and Resources

For support and guidance with Universal Capture (Personal) and delivering lectures online visit the Academic Technology website.

We do not require you to complete a consent form before using Universal Capture (Personal). By downloading and creating recordings using the Universal Capture (Personal) software your consent is implied. By using Universal Capture (Personal) to make recordings you are not consenting to the in-room automated Lecture Capture Service.

If you wish to stop using Universal Capture (Personal), uninstall the software from your machine and request for any recordings to be deleted from the system. Please note, deletion is permanent and cannot be undone.

Using Universal Capture (Personal) - Installing (Managed and Unmanaged machines), Configuring and Recording

Editing Universal Capture (Personal) recordings

Universal Capture Analytics

Recommended AV Equipment List for Video /Audio Conferencing, Universal Capture and MS Teams