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BB Collaborate Status

Blackboard Inc. Status - Incident History

THIS IS A SCHEDULED EVENT May 19, 00:00 EDT  -  May 20, 00:00 EDT

May 13, 14:48 EDT
Scheduled - On Thursday, May 19th, the "undo" and "redo" capability in Bb Annotate will be released. You can find more details about this feature in the 3900.39 release notes on

May 18, 08:57 EDT
Completed - Most upgrades are now complete. We are continuing to work through those that did not succeed.

May 17, 12:50 EDT
Update - Please refer to Behind the Blackboard for more details on this maintenance release:

May 17, 08:54 EDT
In progress - Release is currently in progress. Full build number is 3900.41.0-rel.5+b654b23

May 13, 09:35 EDT
Scheduled - Blackboard will be deploying a Learn SaaS 3900.41.0 Maintenance Release to Test and Staging environments.

Scheduled for May 17, 2022

May 18, 08:26 EDT
Completed - The 3900.39.0 Maintenance Release scheduled for Production environments on Thursday, May 19 has been cancelled.

May 17, 10:35 EDT
Scheduled - Blackboard will be deploying a Learn SaaS 3900.39.0 Maintenance Release to Production environments.

Scheduled for May 19, 2022