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TV Recording and Media Archive


Box of Broadcasts (BoB) is an off-air recording and media archive service. This TV scheduling service enables you to record TV and radio programmes that are scheduled to be broadcast over the next seven days as well as retrieving programmes from the last seven days from a selected list of recorded channels.

After a programme is recorded users can stream a Flash video in a web page - in a similar way to BBC's iPlayer. BoB stores recorded TV and Radio programmes in an archive indefinitely* for all users to enjoy. The archive currently offers over 45,000 TV and radio programmes covering all genres, and that number is set to rise as more further and higher education institutions join BoB.

You can record programmes, watch programmes from the archive, create clips, search for programmes coming up in the next seven days by title or keyword, compile your favourite shows into playlists and share these with others.

* - it is envisaged that users will be asked to delete any unwanted programmes on a regular basis to reduce storage needs.

How to access Box of Broadcasts

Accessing the system is easy. Go to the BoB National Homepage select that you are from Warwick University and you will be prompted to log in with your normal Warwick credentials.

For more information and support go to AV Services