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Removing data from backups

Data stored in shared drives, H drives, storage-now. Any data protected by the Commvault 'filestore' agent.

Some research projects are required to erase all copies of datasets after the project has completed. Where data is protected by the Commvault 'filestore' agent, we can remove files and folders from all recovery points.

This feature also allows us to comply with GDPR 'right to be forgotten' requests where no exemptions apply.

For more information, or to request this service, please email

Data stored in 'applications', such as databases, VMs, binary exports etc

Where data is stored as part of a larger dataset, it may not be possible to immediately delete individual files or records from recovery points.

Where possible, you should delete files from the live system so that it effectively becomes 'beyond use'. must be notified.

The data made 'beyond use' will eventually be erased, when the recovery point has passed its retention date. The data owner/application owner defines the retention period set by ITS. This is typically either 8 weeks or two years.