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MyFiles Web - uploads and downloads

myfiles-upload-dialogFile and folder uploads

The easiest way to upload a file is simply to use MyFiles to go to the folder where you want to place the file, drag it from your desktop file manager and drop it over the right-hand pane of MyFiles.

You will see the Uploading of multiple files window, with the Drag and drop tab selected. The file you dragged will be listed in the centre. You can drag more files to this window if you want to upload several files at once. Clicking the red cross to the right of a file removes it from the list. To begin the upload, click the Upload button. If you close this window, the upload will continue in the background.

If you use Google's Chrome browser you can also drag whole folders, and they will be uploaded to the same location, preserving the folder structure. For other browsers, you need to compress the folder to a .zip file and upload it. Once the .zip file is uploaded, you can right click it and unpack it in place.

There are other tabs on this window which can be used to upload larger files, but you will not need to use these most of the time.


Downloading a file is simply a matter of right-clicking it and selecting Download from the context menu. To download a folder, instead select Compress and download and the folder will be compressed to a single .zip file before being downloaded from the server.

You can also use the common Ctrl+click and Shift+click methods to select multiple items and download them.

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