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Standard Service Requests


Attach a host server (chargeable)

  • Connects a host server to the storage network
  • Allows the host server to be assigned storage volumes
  • Host servers must be installed in certain IT Services managed locations on campus
  • Additional hardware must be installed in the host server
  • There are associated requirements and responsibilites for the host server and the Owner


Remove a host server

  • Disconnects a host server from the storage network
  • The server will no longer have access to any SAN storage
  • This request also deletes any storage volumes not already transferred to other host servers


Schedule a time to make a change to a host server

  • Alerts IT Services to changes to be made on a host server
  • Includes any change which affects the operation of the server or its storage
  • e.g. driver and operating system updates and server moves
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