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How to connect to your Office 365 account

The following information is for people trying to get access to their email account in the first instance.

Once into your mailbox, there are various other software applications that you could use to see and manage your emails from (see the options at the end of this page).

Are you new to the University? You will need to follow these instructions to obtain initial access:

Any new member of staff or student to the University will receive a University ID number.

1. Once you have this, you will be able to Register.

After registration, you should be able to log into your email account (Office 365).

2. Go to the following web page which will direct you to a login screen

3. You will have been given a username during the registration process. Which you should enter. Your username will be in this format:

4. Enter the password you used for registration.

4a. On your first login, follow the prompts to select the default language and time-zone settings.

5. You should now see your email account.

After this, there are a few options available to you in terms of which software you may wish to continue using for your email. We have provided some instructions for the following: