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Live@edu - Unable to view contents of a shared calendar

If until recently you were able to see someones calendar and now it just says 'updating', please follow the 12 step instructions below. These instructions are also available for download (Word Document).

In-Place Repair of an Outlook Profile

1. Start Outlook

2. Click the File Tab

3. Click the Account Settings button, followed by Account Settingsā€¦

screenshot 1

This will open the Account Settings window;

screenshot 2

4. Select the E-mail tab

5. Click on your Microsoft Exchange account to highlight it

6. Click Repair; this will pop-up the Repair Account window

screenshot 3

7. Click Next (If prompted to authenticate via a pop-up window please use your <usercode> and password)

After a delay, you will see a Problem Connecting to Server message. This is OK.

8. Change the email address shown in the E-mail Address box to your email login ID;

screenshot 4

9. Click Retry

There will be a delay, and eventually you will see this notification;

screenshot 5

10. Click OK

screenshot 6

11. Click Finish

screenshot 7

12. Click Close

Restart your Outlook client.

13. You may find your Outlook client is in Offline mode (see bottom of your Outlook screen)

screenshot 8

Go to the ribbon/toolbar and under the tab Send/Receive, click on the highlighted Work Offline.

screenshot 9

Alternative workaround:

Use Outlook Web App version (OWA)

Further help:

If you would like any further assistance, please contact the IT Services Help Desk on 024 765 73737.