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Work with attachments - Outlook 2010

Outgoing attachments

To add an attachment to an email:
  1. Attach Item iconIn a message click the Attach File icon available on the Message or Insert Tab (see screenshot).
  2. Navigate to the file(s) that you want to attach, select the file(s) and click Insert.
    (Alternatively left mouse drag and drop the item on to the email message.)
    Note: you can attach more than one file at a time.
  3. Attached file screenshotThe files will now appear in the email attached field (see screenshot).
  4. Complete your email and Send.

Incoming attachments

To view or save an attachment:
  1. Open the email message containing the attachment.
  2. Single click the attachment. You may get the message (as shown in the screenshot below) regarding previewing the file, if you are happy that it is a trustworthy source and wish to preview it, then click on the Preview file button.
  3. The contents will be displayed in the attachment viewer.
  4. The Attachment Tools tab will also appear giving you various options including Save, Print, Copy and Remove (see screenshot below).

Attachment view