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Setting an Automatic/Out of Office reply - Outlook 2010

To set your Out of Office in Outlook 2010:

  • Click on File tab (top left of screen)
  • Click on Automatic Replies (Out of Office) icon (middle of screen).
  • Choose Send automatic replies.
  • Enter your Out of Office message.
    • Inside My Organization - your Out of Office will be sent to anyone who emails you from a University of Warwick Live@edu account only.
    • Outside My Organization - your Out of Office will be sent to everyone who sends you an email. (Not advisable if you receive a lot of spam emails as it will confirm it is a valid email address and you are likely to receive even more.)
  • If you tick the box against Only send during this time range then you can be very specific about how long you want the Out of Office to work for and you will not need to worry about removing the Out of Office message upon your immediate return to the office.
  • Click OK.

If you get a 'server unavailable' message then see the FAQ on Problems setting your Out of Office to follow the workaround.

Warning: If you want to also set a rule to forward emails alongside your Out of office message - DO NOT use the Rules button via your Automatic Replies/Out of Office screen - as any rule set up here will not function as expected. See screenshot.