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Open shared calendar - OWA

Once someone has granted you access to their calendar (or you have been given delegate access to see a resource account calendar), then you will be able to open it so it appears listed with your own calendar in the left navigation.

Add a calendarOpen calendar option
  • Click on the Calendar View.
  • Right-click on any existing calendar group (e.g. My Calendars or Other Calendars) and select open calendar.

  • Open calendarIn the box directly under From Directory: start typing the name of the person (or resource account) whose calendar you are trying to open and you will be offered a list of entries from the address book fulfilling the criteria of what you have typed. Choose from the list (click) the correct entry.
  • Click open.
  • The Calendar should now be visible in the left navigation pane under the group you have chosen.
Remove a calendar
  • (In the left navigation) right-click on the calendar name you wish to delete.
  • Click on 'remove'.
  • Click 'yes' to confirm and the calendar will be removed from that group.
    • If the same calendar is in more than one group, this action will only delete it from that group, not all groups.
  • One calendar in multiple groups: Although it is possible to have the same calendar in multiple groups, you will only see the calendar in each group when using the Outlook client. In Outlook Web App you will only see each calendar once (it will automatically pick which group to show the calendar in).
  • New group: To create a new group (right-click any existing group and choose New calendar group).
  • Move calendar: If you wish to move a calendar to another group, then right click the existing calendar and choose 'remove'. You will then be asked to confirm this action. Once removed you will be able to right-click on the title of the group you want the calendar in and 'open calendar' (same instructions as above).
  • Removing a group: Remove/delete all calendars in the group first, then right-click on the title of the group and choose 'delete calendar group'.
    • You will not be able to delete a group when there is still a calendar inside (option to delete will be greyed out). If you cannot see any calendars in the group and the option is still greyed out, then open the mailbox using the Outlook client to see which calendar is still residing in the group (as usually it will be a 'multiple placed' calendar that the Outlook Web App is only showing in another group).