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Open Resource Account - OWA


To open another mailbox (typically a resource account):

  • If your right hand navigation looks like the image opposite you will have to expand the folder list by clicking More owacollapsed.folder.jpg
  • screenshot of drop-down menuRight-click on the name of your mailbox in the navigation pane on the left of your screen to get a drop-down menu (see screenshot).
  • Select add shared folder...
  • add mailbox nameClick inside the box and start typing the name of the mailbox you want to open. A list of entries from the address book fitting the criteria typed will show up as suggestions below for you to choose.
  • Click add.


  • If you have been given access to the mailbox then it will appear in the left navigation under your own mailbox and you will be able to see all the folders you have been granted access to.
  • no permission screenshotIf you have not been given access (or sufficient access) to the mailbox then it will show up in the left navigation, however when you try to open the mailbox, you will receive an error similar to the one shown on the right.


  • To remove a mailbox from your navigation pane, right click on the name of the mailbox to remove and choose remove shared folder.