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How can I comment on a call?

Adding Comments to an Issue or Request

Self Service allows you to add comments to a particular issue or request once it has been captured in the IT Services Call Logging system.

This is particularly useful if you wish to provide additional information to the IT Services staff member currently dealing with the record.

All comments are visible to both you and IT Services staff. Any comments made by IT Services in the record will automatically generate an email to you to say that an update has been made. If you add a comment, then the IT Services staff member handling the record will receive an email informing them that an update has been made.

To add a comment to an issue or request:

Open the appropriate record by selecting it from All My Calls, from My Open Issues / My Open Requests, or from the 'Open' list on the Homepage

Self-Service - Open Calls

NB If IT Services has asked you for information, then the call will appear in the 'Awaiting an update from me' list on the right hand side instead.

This will open your call:

Self-Service - Request Record

If not visible, scroll down to the comments box.

Add in required comments.

Self-Service - Comments

Click on the Save button.

The comments you made will now be visible in the record.

Self-Service - Comments Added

Click Save and Exit to return to the Self-Service Homepage.