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How do I get in touch to ask a question or report a problem?

Raising an issue you are experiencing with a service provided by IT Services

You may be having issues when using a service IT Services provide. For example, you may not be able to access your University of Warwick email account or are having problems accessing your file storage.

To raise an issue with the Service Desk simply:

  • Click on Get in Touch menu item or
  • Click on the Get in Touch button

Raise an Issue

Both options will take you into the following screen:

 Self-Service - Issue Page

The following mandatory fields appear and must be completed before the call can be submitted More information gives you help in filling in this field:

  • Your name:
    Your name should be displayed automatically (this is the name of the person signed onto the Intranet)
  • Short description:
    Please provide a short description of the nature of your issue.
  • Please describe your issue below:
    Please detail as much information as possible regarding your issue.
    NB If you wish to increase the size of the box, please click on the + icon.
  • Your email address:
    If you wish to be contacted using an email address other than your Warwick account, please specify it here.
  • Your Phone Number:
    Please give details of your most appropriate phone number in case IT Services need to contact you.
  • Your Location:
    Please give details of your location here.

Self-Service - Issue Details Completed

You can attach a document by clicking on the paper clip at the top right of the page

Click on the submit button to submit your request

The following screen is displayed:

Self-Service - Issue Record

A record (in this case – INC046098) is automatically logged in the IT Services Call Logging System.

You may update the phone number and location detail if you wish and also add additional information via the Comments box.

When you click Save and Exit (at the top of the page), it will return you to the Self-Service Home page.