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How do I connect to the wireless network at Warwick?

The Wireless Network at Warwick supports devices compliant with 802.11g and 802.11n standards with the 802.11ac standards being introduced in selected areas. These service operates in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wavebands.

To access the Wireless Network you will need a suitable device equipped with a compliant wireless adapter. Many devices come with this type of network connectivity installed as standard. For Staff & Students a full list of campus locations with full Wi-Fi coverage can be found here.
Access to these services are subject to the University’s Information Security Policy and the JANET acceptable use policy.


The primary connection to the wireless network for Warwick Staff and Students is by the hotspot-secure service.

hotspot-secure provides users with an easy, fast log-on process using WPA2 Enterprise security to prevent eavesdropping on wireless data. Use your University IT Services username and password to log on.

For detailed information about connecting your device to hotspot-secure please click here.


Residents in campus accommodation can plug a device into the ResNet service via a network port in each room. In addition, all campus residential buildings are covered by the resnet-secure wireless service.

resnet-secure provides Warwick Staff & Students with an easy, fast log-on process using WPA2 Enterprise security to prevent eavesdropping on wireless data. Use your University IT Service username and password to log on.

For detailed information about connecting your device to resnet-secure please click here.

Warwick Guest

Conference Attendees, Short term Guests and Visitors to the University of Warwick have free access to a centrally managed wireless network service (Warwick-Guest).

This operates on a self-service basis where users must first register for an account and agree to the services terms of use.

Registration requires the user to supply their name, email address and mobile telephone number. The logon details to access the system will then be made up of the supplied email address and a password which will be sent to the supplied mobile telephone number via SMS.
Registration information (name, email address and mobile telephone number) is held solely for the purpose of allowing access to the guest Wi-Fi system and the information is deleted after three months.

The University publishes a relevant Privacy Notice.

  • Wireless network access is available within most University buildings
  • The service provides internet access to users registered with the system
  • Accounts are valid for a period of 7 days
  • An account can be used on up to 3 devices
  • Once a device is logged on, the user can move around campus for up to 24 hours with no further login prompt
  • Devices are dynamically allocated an IPv4 address in a private address range
  • The service supports most standard Internet accessible applications except those outlined under restrictions.
  • The service supports VPN protocols which are advised for extra security
  • The service is available to all conference attendee’s, short term guests and visitors to the University of Warwick.
  • Staff and Students should use hotspot-secure
  • Academic visitors to the university may wish to use the eduroam service if they come from a participating institution.
Service Hours
24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year

Level of Service
  • Occasional maintenance is required on the service and as such will often result in an ‘at risk’ period. Where possible this will occur to minimise disruption and be advertised on IT Services web pages.
  • Not all University wireless services are available in all University locations.
  • Due to the wide variety and varying quality of wireless connected devices, IT Services are not able to guarantee the service coverage and quality for all wireless enabled devices.
  • Certain restrictions are in place to protect the service delivery and to provide fair usage amongst the user population.
  • Upload and Download speed is managed at 5Mbps in both directions
  • The following represents a sample of restrictions provided for indicative purposes (the list is not exhaustive);
  • Peer to peer protocols
  • File transfers to cloud based storage
  • Gaming activity
  • Connection of technology platforms not classed as an end user device
  • IPv6 traffic is not currently supported.
Support and Documentation
  • Documentation for manual configuration and further assistance is also available from the wireless help pages.
  • IT Services provide support from our IT Help Desk to assist with connecting to wireless services. Support of personal equipment is on a best endeavours basis; this is due to the many types of systems that may be encountered.
User Responsibility
  • There is no cost to users to access the University’s wireless services


For those visiting from another academic institution that participates in the eduroam service, the eduroam wireless network service is available across the campus at Warwick.

Users log-in using their normal IT account as issued by their home institution. There is no need to have a Warwick IT account or to make any special arrangements with Warwick IT Services.

If users find they are unable to log-in, they should contact their own institution for advice.

For more information on the use of eduroam, on and off campus, please click here.