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Service Description

This service is responsible for providing the infrastructure to facilitate Staff, Student and Visitor network based printing, copying and scanning across the University.

It is divided into six main service products to ensure that it is flexible enough to support the diverse needs of our customers.

This service does not provide advice, guidance and support in relation to locally connected printers, faxes, scanners or Multifunction Devices (MFDs).

This service provides a stable and reliable environment using a number of mature printing technologies.

These include Nuance SafeCom, Windows printing and the Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS).

Printing Services (ITS) works closely with our strategic partners warwickprint and XMA to deliver the Managed Print Service. This is a particually important area of service development and provides the basis for the long term future of print/copy and scanning functionality within the University.

This service also provides support for the production of University staff, student, alumni and visitor ID cards.

Support for a multitude of platforms is provided. ITS Managed Desktops/Workareas and UNIX and Linux customers can take advantage of the service as well as a range of non-standard desktop and laptop configurations via both wired and wireless networks.

Service Background - Accurate as of Dec 13

Number of servers supported:

37 servers, 26 production, 8 test and 3 management and monitoring

Total print volume:

12 million pages of volume per year (Print and Copy)

Total number of managed MFDs and Single Function Devices:

340 MPS Devices

Total number of print queues supported:

547 push queues

Software Platforms supported:

Windows 7 and 8, Apple Mac, Linux/Unix and mobile platforms such as IOS and Android.

Number of users:

22,944 Students, 5,075 staff – Available to all staff and students plus visiting customers photocopying services.

Services responsible for:

Staff and Student Push, Pull and Mobile Printing, Photocopying and Scan to E-mail/Folder and Workflow

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