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Managed departmental printing (MPS)

This service covers network printing, scanning and copying. It's available to all University departmental staff.

University ID card printing

We support the production of University staff, student, alumni and visitor ID cards and maintain card printer and associated PC hardware.

Degree certificate printing

We provide support for the production of University degree certificates and transcripts and maintain the dedicated printer hardware.

University events support

We provide a range of IT hardware logistics for the key University events such as Degree Congregation, Pre-sessionals, Conferences, Enrolment, External Events, Exams on PCs, Pre-Processing, Police Registration, Card Production and Confirmation and Clearing.

Warwick Print

For high volume, cost effective printing for staff and for student thesis and dissertation printing and binding, visit our strategic partners, Warwick Print Рthe University’s print room on campus.

Warwick Print for staff
Warwick Print for students

Light Touch Digital Filing 

With Light Touch Digital Filing, the service formerly known as Scan to Folder you can place a document on one of our multi-function devices, scan it and have a PDF of it sent to your personal (H:) drive.


Tue 28 Jan '20
Replacement of legacy print servers, Sat 1st Feb 2020

We will replace the legacy SafeCom print servers with newly commissioned versions between 08:00 and 12:00 on Saturday 1st February 2020. The benefits of doing this include increased capacity and improved future proofing.

We expect the impac…

Fri 20 Dec '19
Collection of royalties data by the Copyright Licensing Agency, Mon 13th Jan to Fri 21st Feb

The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) is to collect data on the photocopying or re-use of published material at Warwick in order to distribute royalties appropriately. The data collection period is for 30 working days, from Monday 13th Janua…

Media Centre

Printing Services Video Leaflets - SafeCom Enabled

These leaflets are primarily targeted towards our staff, student and external customers using our devices within the IT Services workareas, however they will also provide valuable guidance for our SafeCom enabled staff customers using the Managed Print Service (MPS)

Our MPS customers are advised to disregard the following video leaflets: "Top-up your credits and view printing costs", "Multifunction Device and ITS workarea locations" and "Library Visitor Photocopying cards" as these are targeted towards our workarea customers, and reference locations and charging models that do not apply to you.

Customer Testimonial - Nuance Safecom

View our Nuance Safecom Customer Testimonial and find out how the University of Warwick has cut down on paper and CO2 and increased confidentiality & reliability using the Nuance SafeCom print solution.

Kyocera MFD Support Videos - Non SafeCom

A series of support videos have been developed by Kyocera in order to provide a visual demonstration of how to use some of the key features and functions on these Multifunction Devices (MFD's)

These videos are for our customers that are not currently using the SafeCom Pulll Print technology.

Current activities

Thu 23 Jan '20
Server Upgrades - Printing Services (01/02/2020)
Migration from legacy SafeCom servers to newly commissioned versions

When are we getting underway and when will we be complete?

Starts: 01/0…

Fri 06 Dec '19
CLA - Collection of Royalties Data - Collection Period: Monday 13th January to Friday 21st February

Higher Education - Collection of Royalties Data

The University of Warwick wishes to notify you of a collection of royalty data, conducted by…

Mon 02 Dec '19
Update of installed Kyocera printer drivers - 18th December 2019

Following customer feedback and internal testing activities we will update the Kyocera printer driver currently in use across all ITS print …

Tue 06 Aug '19
Wednesday 28th July 2019 - Printing Service Outage (Evening)

On Wednesday 28th July 2019 there will be no access to printing and photocopying services provided by IT Services from 6.30PM till 9.30PM as…

Service levels and metrics

In order to properly demonstrate the availability and performance of the current printing service it is vital that relevant metrics are made available. Within this section you will be able view the current metric values for the following aspects of the service.


A service level agreement (SLA) is a part of a service contract where the level of service is defined. The term SLA is normally used to refer to the contracted delivery time of the service. For Printing Service related matters please follow the link shown below.

Printing Services SLAs