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ITS Responsibilities

IT Services have a responsibility to ensure that:

  • Print Managers are available to their defined SLA's.
  • Each printer is correctly configured and utilises a clearly defined and supportable configuration.
  • Timely resolutions to standard requests are maintained.
  • Timely resolutions to logged incidents are maintained.
  • Suitable, accurate support documentation is made available to our customers.
  • Any required software clients are kept up to date and made available to our customers in an easily acessible manner.
  • Conduct regular Service Review meetings.
  • Publish regular Metrics and SLA's on a monthly basis.
  • Publish a list of supported service requests.
  • Maintain a support contract with external 3'rd parties as required.
  • Conduct regular remote monitoring of the service availability and performance to reduce any possible service degradation and outages.