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Programme Management

What is a programme?

As well as managing individual projects we also manage programmes - a series of related projects with outcomes and benefits of strategic relevance. A programme is likely to have a life that spans several years.

How could a Programme Manager help me?

A Programme Manager would help you to look at how several different projects come together to achieve an overall goal. They would work with you to understand the way all of these projects depend on each other, assessing the risks, issues and requirements to make sure the goal is achievable.

Example of a programme

The Student Personalised Information Programme aims to deliver an integrated, consistent and personalised institutional information environment that will empower and equip students to make effective choices over their journey at Warwick. The programme is being run by Strategic Programme Delivery, led by Roland Ingram as Programme Manager. Several PMO project managers are involved in managing individual projects within the programme.

Find out more about the Student Personalised Information Programme



“Project management is juggling three balls – time, cost and quality. Programme management is a troupe of circus performers each juggling three balls and swapping balls from time to time.”
— G. Reiss, project management author