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Academic data store (ADS)

The Academic Data Store (ADS) is a centralised receptacle, or hub, of data. ADS interacts with other University systems, such as student records, OMR and membership to pull data. This information is currently used by departments.

Application specific service activities:

  • Execution of calopus interfaces
  • Transfer of data including blobs between two different database (Oracle/non oracle)
  • Data transfer to ADS from membership, OMR, SITS
  • Data exposure for departments through Departmental views
  • Data exposure for web groups

Service Level Agreement

See standard SLA (link)

Application specific availability information

Required availability period: All year; 24/7

Critical availability periods: Module Registration (Sep/October);

Currently, in order to ensure the application is fully functional and secure, there are

  • database upgrades as necessary
  • application software supplier upgrades (containing either enhancements or bug fixes) applied as required

Application specific performance information

Departments use views to access data. Some of the views combine information from several ADS tables and take a few seconds to retrieve data

Transfer of data to ADS from SITS tables with 50,000 records takes approximately 2 hrs

The level of service provided excludes ......

  • Training
  • User management


This service has dependencies upon the following 3rd parties:-

  • CALOPUS(software supplier)