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How do I add a video from YouTube to my blog entry?

  1. Sign in to your blog and start a new entry.
  2. Write your entry in the Text of entry icon Text of entry box.
  3. Now go to and view the video you want to embed in your entry.
  4. Copy the URL of the YouTube video from the address bar in your web browser:
    YouTube video URL highlighted in web browser
  5. Go back to your blog entry and select the Insert embedded media button in the toolbar.
  6. In the Insert embedded media popup paste the YouTube video URL in the top text field:
    Screenshot of insert embedded media popup box and text field labelled "URL pasted from video site or URL of media file"
  7. Click Insert at the bottom of the popup box. You should now see the URL enclosed in [media] tags like this:Screenshot of YouTube URL surrounded by media tags in the BlogBuilder text entry box
  8. You can test the video is embedded by previewing your entry. The YouTube video should appear.
  9. When you've finished writing your entry click Publish now.
  10. You should now see the YouTube video in your live entry and be able to play it:
    Screenshot of published entry with video embedded and red play button