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What are blog favourites?

Using blog favourites means that you can build up your own groups of favourite blogs and create your own preferred view of Warwick Blogs.

You can add blogs to your favourites by clicking on the heart icons next to entries or blogs that you find interesting. Once you have added some blogs to your favourites then you can view them all on your favourites page, which you can find by going to for example:

On this page, you'll see two columns. The left-hand column shows all the blogs that you've added to your favourites, grouped into folders. The right-hand column shows all the entries from the current folder, or, if you click on a blog (or collection) name in the left-hand column, the entries from that blog or collection.

You can also make changes to your favourite blogs on this screen. You can create, edit or remove folders so that you can keep your favourite blogs organised. You can also remove blogs and add links to external web sites or blogs.