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What would I use a blog for?

A blog can be used for all sorts of different purposes. Below is a list of just some of them:

  • Have your own web space
  • Create photo galleries
  • Write notes and reminders about ideas for essays or research
  • Review books, music or movies, and read other people's reviews
  • Keep in touch with family and friends back home and let them know how you are getting on
  • Be part of the Warwick community and get to know other people with similar interests
  • Continue with an interesting discussion on-line after a seminar, lecture or research workshop
  • Write summaries of meetings that you have attended
  • Present interim results to a specific group for discussion
  • Record your learning progress and personal development
  • Tell other people about a great venue, or restaurant, or band
  • Comment on other peoples' ideas and get them to comment on yours
  • Show prospective employers extracts from your blog
  • Write reports on the progress of a project
  • Reflect upon work that you have done, its success or failure and what you have learnt
  • Write or answer blog prompts
  • Use your blog to create a 'yearbook' of your time at Warwick.