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Warwick Blogs Glossary

Blog A blog is a continuous sequence of entries (or posts) in chronological order, with the newest entry at the top. The word "blog" is short for "web log". Blogs started as a type of personal web site like a log or journal. They are typified by providing a simple way for people to quickly publish information online without requiring technical skills – and the ability to post comments on the author's entry.
BlogBuilder The tool developed by the Web Publishing Service in IT Services to create, manage and maintain a blog.
Blog collection An aggregation of blog entries, usually centered around a theme, entry type or group, such as a particular academic department.
Blog description A description of a blog that appears next to the blog's title in blog directories.
Blog directory A listing of blog titles and descriptions.
Blog prompt A question that is posted to your blog.
Blog title A title that appears at the top of a blog and alongside the blog's description in blog directories.
Bloggers People who blog.
Calendar Appears at the top of the left hand column in a blog and shows the days in the current month. Any days on which one or more entries have been created will be a link.
Category A useful way of grouping entries into common subjects. Clearly defined categories can help visitors navigate your blog.
Comment A note or remark about a blog entry. Comments appear underneath the blog entry.
Contact owner page A page that allows people to email the blog's owner.
Contributor People who write entries on a blog owned by someone else. A contributor may also be referred to as a guest poster.
Design The graphic style or appearance of a blog.
Entry An single, self-contained item written by an author and published on the blog. Also referred to as a post.
Follow-up An entry clearly linked by subject to a previous entry on the same blog. For example, an author might publish an entry saying they will be speaking at an upcoming conference and then write a follow-up entry sharing their conference slides or audio.
Gallery A collection of images.
Group Made up of a number of people specified by the blog owner. Privacy levels on an entry can be controlled by setting up groups.
Header bar The top-most element in a blog. The header bar contains the blog title.
IT Services username When any member of the University signs up for services provided by IT Services, they are assigned an individual username.
IT Services password A memorable word used with a username to access the University network, email and other applications provided by IT Services.
Left column The left hand side of a blog contains the calendar, most recent entry links, gallery links, links to most recent comments, category links and links to different types of entry.
Main column The central column of a blog containing entries.
Non-personal blog A team or project blog. Blog owners can request a second, non-personal, blog for use with a group of people or contributors.
Personal blog An individual blog. A personal blog will have one owner and usually does not have any contributors.
PDP Personal Development Plan.
Preview View a blog entry before publishing it.
Privacy level Specifies who can view a blog entry.
Publish The act of putting an entry live on a blog.
Report a problem A link for reporting blog entries that are causing offence or concern.
Review A blog entry critiquing a book, CD or DVD.
Sign in Enter a username and password to log into a blog.
Single Sign-on  
Trackback A link between entries on different blogs.
Upload To transfer a file (often an image) from a computer to a blog.
URL A web site address. Your blog URL will usually something like
Username See IT Services username.
Utility bar Underneath the header bar, the utility bar contains links to sign in, create entries on and manage a blog
Warwick web sign on The service enabling students and staff to use a single username and password to sign in to many different services including email, SiteBuilder, timetables, printing and blogs.
Warwick Blogs All the blogs and blog collections at the University of Warwick. The Warwick Blogs homepage is