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Our services

Ready-made site designs and page layouts

This free service is appropriate for most departmental, service or event websites – whether a new site or a redesign.

  1. Choose a site design and submit the ‘Request a site design’ form at the bottom of the page.
  2. You can create your own page layouts using the Components Editor in SiteBuilder by adding components such as layout blocks to your page, or you can copy one of our example page layouts to your page. Unlike layouts applied to old visual editor pages, the content for these layouts is contained within the same page as the layout itself, with a full edit history.
  3. We can create a test site for you, if required, or you can create the page yourself if you have the necessary editing permissions.
  4. When you've finished preparing your content, we can make the site live on your behalf, or you can do this yourself if you prefer.

Cost: free of charge.

Typical time to deliver your test site: 7 working days. The more complex and customised your request is, the longer it will take.

Bespoke service

As well as applying free site designs and providing help/assistance with Components Editor page layouts, we offer a bespoke website design service.

Among other things, this can include a unique site design and imagery, multiple page layouts, site restructuring and advice on user journeys and content.

Please contact webteam at warwick dot ac dot uk to discuss your requirements


Looking for a site design for your ePortfolio? Please contact the ePortfolio team in Student Careers & Skills for help.

Stock images

Please let us know at the start of your project if you require high-resolution stock images to accompany your site design. We can produce higher-resolution imagery for print projects if you let us know your requirements.