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Ready-made page layouts

This page contains a selection of ready-made layouts created using the Components Editor. You can copy a layout to your page and use it as it is or customise it. Select the preview image of a layout below to enlarge it, or select the Preview layout button to view and interact with the layout page itself.

You can use a ready-made layout below in two ways:

Important: Copying a layout will overwrite any existing content on your page. If the page is an old visual editor page, it will also be converted to the Components Editor. This conversion cannot be undone and any existing content cannot be restored.

How to copy a layout to a new blank page:

  1. Create a new blank page in the appropriate location in your site. This is the page to which you will copy your chosen layout. Please see our guidance on creating a new page or site if you're not sure where it should be located.
  2. Scroll to your chosen layout below and select the Copy layout to your page button.
  3. On the Copy page contents screen, copy and paste the path of your blank page into the box. The path is the part of the page's address that is after, for example /services/yourpage.
  4. Select the Copy page contents button.
  5. The layout is copied to your page. Optionally, customise the layout.
  6. Edit your page to add your content.

More information: