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Post Room Tracker

The Post Room Tracker is a tool to help students and other on-campus residents track and manage their parcel deliveries. Post room staff use the system to help keep track of the items they receive from couriers like Royal Mail.

If you live on-campus, we'll send you a My Warwick notification and email when you receive new parcels. You can login to the system and nominate someone else to collect on your behalf, if you wish. We'll also let you know when we forward untracked items to your accommodation mailbox.

The system was built entirely in-house by the University's Software Engineering team and includes a number of features:

  • Integration with the University's off-the-shelf accommodation system (Kinetic) for automatically bulk-importing recipients (as well as ad-hoc recipient data sources)
  • Push notification integration with the in-house mobile app, My Warwick.
  • For staff, a native Android application allowing parcels to be scanned in, collected and audited:
    • Integration with Google's ML Kit for 100% on-device optical character recognition (for automatically reading parcel labels) and barcode recognition
    • Built in support for reading the University's MIFARE based ID cards for secure parcel collections
  • For students and other on-campus residents: self-service access to delegate item collections (e.g. to a carer or friend), access to request delivery-to-door (if self-isolating), address information and real-time status updates about deliveries
  • Scalable solution which has processed well over a hundred thousand items in a short timeframe since launch

Our development ethos:

  • We work closely with stakeholders in Estates, Warwick Accommodation, Warwick Conferences and other departments across the University. We continuously iterate on our services to make improvements, going the extra mile and delivering what commercial providers cannot—a bespoke, integrated all-in-one system designed from the ground up exclusively to meet Warwick's needs.
  • Security is a high priority that we extensively dedicate time and resources to:
    • Single-sign on integration with the University's identity management system
    • Regular DAST scanning complemented by focussed manual security audits of individual solution components
    • System built entirely by CREST CRT accredited software engineers with extensive application security experience
  • Built on top of standard, well-supported mature OSS technologies (CentOS, PostgreSQL, Spring Boot, Android, Vue.js)
  • Value for money: No on-going subscription fees or other costs for the University

For more information about the student post room, visit the Estates web pages.

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