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External Users 1.8 - 26th March 2012 - Release notes

External users 1.8 was a major new release, released on 26th March 2012. Highlights from this release include:

New interface

We've re-designed the interface for External Users to make it easier to use and a little easier on the eye.

External user groups

All users in external users now belong to a group (any users created before this feature have been moved to a single group of "Users created by "). Groups include a number of useful features:

  • They can be owned by many administrators, meaning that more than one person can manage groups of users
  • They allow operations to be performed on many users at once

In a future release, it will also be possible to directly map a group in External Users' to a group in Web Groups.

Batch user management

It is now possible to perform certain common operations on many users at once, such as:

  • Deleting users
  • Updating the expiry date of a set of users
  • Updating the status of a set of users (disable or enable a set of users)
  • Move users to a different group


  • [EXU-81] - Documentation for groups


  • [EXU-87] - Paging for user list
  • [EXU-88] - Check with users who may be updating users programatically
  • [EXU-96] - Column sorting for user tables
  • [EXU-97] - Expiry search for external users
  • [EXU-98] - List Disabled External Users Page
  • [EXU-99] - Search for users by usercode or name


  • [EXU-74] - Create-a-creator screen doesn't validate usercode
  • [EXU-84] - Can't uncheck "Live" checkbox
  • [EXU-85] - Prevent usercodes from containing non-ASCII characters
  • [EXU-101] - List all users page: shows "select whole group" link unnecessarily
  • [EXU-103] - Some search and list operations fail when a user has no groups.


  • [EXU-64] - Allow external users to have many owners


  • [EXU-57] - Improve batch management
  • [EXU-83] - Redirect home page to the HTTPS version
  • [EXU-94] - Add bulk operations to the List Users screen
  • [EXU-95] - Restrict length of usercode field to 30 characters (for new usercodes)
  • [EXU-104] - Improvements to UI

New Feature

  • [EXU-45] - Web interface to change ownership of a user
  • [EXU-80] - Groups
  • [EXU-82] - Feature flags
  • [EXU-92] - External User search
  • [EXU-93] - Allow bulk upload of many users via CSV


  • [EXU-76] - Make test-ext-users use new-mode SSO
  • [EXU-78] - Make live ext-users be new-mode