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Single sign-on 4.54

Single sign-on 4.54 was released on 13th May 3012.


  • When requesting an OAuth Request token an 'expiry' can be specified for the Access token once approved. The supported values are 'year' and 'forever', translating to 1 year and 100 years. Should an application not specify an expiry the user can choose from the 2 supported options (defaulting to 1 year). Note request token expiry has not changed.


  • [SSO-1363] - Ugly dotted borders around input fields on login screen in IE10


  • [SSO-1367] - Tweak help text on sign in screen so it covers self-service account registration
  • [SSO-1368] - Remove '2' from when signing into SiteBuilder pages
  • [SSO-1373] - Allow hyphens in 3rd party usercodes

New Feature

  • [SSO-1369] - New view option for sign-in required
  • [SSO-1372] - New request type: Clear webgroup


  • [SSO-1364] - Allow OAuth access token that lasts forever