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Tabula release notes

Tabula 2022.4.4 released

We released Tabula 2022.4.4 on Wednesday 27th April 2022. In this version:

  • Exam grids now include information on routes without any core required modules specified. This is in the Report section at the top of the grid, where the field 'Routes with no core required modules' shows either 'None', or the number of routes, accordingly. If a number of routes is shown, you can select this to display a pop-up which lists the routes. We also added a confirmation page after the page to 'Identify Core Required Modules' in the grid options. This confirmation page appears if any of the routes included on the grid have no core required modules selected. The page lists the relevant routes and gives you the option to go back to specify core required modules or to proceed to the grid.

  • On the 'Mitigating Circumstances Submissions' page, Mitigating Circumstances Officers and Panel Chairs can now filter submissions by issue type.
  • When the table of marks on the 'Process marks' screen is wider than the browser window, a horizontal scrollbar is now fixed to the bottom of the window, rather than only available at the bottom of the page. This matches the behaviour of the horizontal scrollbar on exam grids.

  • We fixed a bug that caused the Module page in PGT students' profiles to display the following message when marks had not yet been released: "Marks visible to you on this page are subject to agreement by the Final Board of Examiners and until such time, these marks are provisional and subject to change." To avoid giving the impression that marks should be available when they're not, the message now only appears after marks are released.
  • When you download an exam grid as an Excel spreadsheet, any notes present in the preview of the grid are now included in the downloaded file. You set the Notes field to appear when you specify your grid options, in the Administration section.
Thu 05 May 2022, 16:46

Tabula 2021.10.3 released

We released Tabula 2021.10.3 on Thursday 28th October 2021. In this version we made some improvements to the Monitoring Points component to reflect the latest UKVI policy requirements:

  • You can now filter on students with Tier 4 visa requirements when you add students to monitoring schemes. This enables you to tailor schemes for Student Visa Sponsored Students. To do this, select the Other dropdown list and select Tier 4 only, then select Find.
  • For each Teaching event monitoring point, you can now specify the accepted attendance mode(s): In person or Remote.
Fri 29 Oct 2021, 11:57

Tabula 2021.3.3 released

We released Tabula 2021.3.3 on Thursday 18th March 2021. In this version:

  • Teaching departments can now see self-certifications that contain an affected assessment which they teach. These appear in the main department self-certification list. A filter has been introduced that let's you see self-certs for home students, external students or both (this defaults to both).
  • Assessments won't be included in a self certification if the deadline has passed. For example, a student has two assignments due today. One at 9am and one at 1pm. They raise a self certification at 11pm. The assignment with the 1pm deadline will be included in this self-certification. The assignment with the 9am deadline will not be included and no automatic extensions will be applied.
Mon 22 Mar 2021, 09:48

Tabula 2021.3.2 released

We released Tabula 2021.3.2 on Friday 12th March 2021. In this version:

  • Where submissions should be automatically released to markers, students with a self-certification are now automatically released when their deadline passes.
  • Unrecorded attendance reminders and notifications to students about uploading outstanding mitigating circumstances evidence, are now sent at 9am rather than at midnight.
  • We've fully removed the acknowledgement action from self-certifications. This action has been automatically applied to all self-certifications since the release of 2021.3.1. After this release the "acknowledge" button and all associated labels in the progress bar have been removed.
  • Notifications sent to students when they self-certify now mention when deadlines cannot be automatically updated by Tabula.
Mon 15 Mar 2021, 12:49

Tabula 2021.3.1 released

We released Tabula 2021.3.1 on Friday 5th March 2021. In this version:

  • All self-certification submissions are now automatically acknowledged. This includes those that affect assessments for which automatic extensions cannot be applied. The change is a precursor to the removal of the acknowledgement part of the process and means that:
    • When extensions need to be manually granted, all affected departments are notified immediately. These notifications go to Extension Managers and Departmental Administrators by default. Affected departments can change this in their notification settings.
    • When a student self-certifies, they receive an immediate notification that lists:
      • Which assessment deadlines have been automatically extended
      • Which assessment deadlines will be considered before extensions can be applied.
  • We made some changes to avoid assignment marks and feedback being finalised for students who are within extensions:
    • When a marker expands the row for a student on the Marking screen, the presence of an extension is now highlighted.
    • Markers cannot send students within extensions to the admin if:
      • They have not yet submitted
      • They have submitted but the assignment is set to allow resubmissions.
  • When a student self-certifies and selects 'Other' as the module for an assessment, Extension Managers in the student's home department are now notified.
Mon 08 Mar 2021, 11:41

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