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Create External Users in bulk

You can create External Users in bulk by uploading a spreadsheet in CSV format to the External Users system.
  1. Download the CSV template .
  2. Open the CSV file in your preferred spreadsheet program.
  3. Enter the External Users' details – for example:

    Usercode Password Email First Name Last Name Department Group Name
    xx_akurten wordpass1 Anette Kurten IT Services Green Festival Guest Speakers
    xx_jdasilva wordpass2 John Da Silva IT Services Green Festival Guest Speakers
    xx_abamagh wordpass3 Alfred Abamagh IT Services Green Festival Guest Speakers
    • The naming convention for Usercode is your two-letter department code followed by an underscore, first initial and surname – for example, cu_akurten. To avoid clashes with student and staff University IDs, it must contain at least eight characters.
    • In the Department column, enter the name of the department the External User works for or, if applicable, the group or project they're involved in. This field helps you identify your External Users.
    • To add the External Users to an existing group, the Group Name in your CSV file must match the group name in the External Users system. Alternatively, if you want to create these External Users in a new group, leave the Group Name column blank; you can create a new group during the upload.
  4. Go to the External Users system at
  5. Under Actions, click Upload users in bulk.
  6. Click the Browse/Choose file button and select your CSV file.
  7. In the Department box, enter the default department name. Any External Users in the CSV file with no value for Department use the default name.
  8. Specify the expiry date for the External User codes.
  9. Select one of the following radio buttons to specify a group to upload the External Users to:

    • Use an existing group – select the group from the Add to drop-down menu
    • Use groups in a CSV template – upload to the groups defined in your CSV file
    • Create a new group – type a name for the new group

    Upload External Users via spreadsheet

  10. Once you have finished entering the options, click the Upload button.
  11. On the Import users screen, you see a preview of the CSV file contents. If the data is accurate, click the Import button; otherwise, click Back, amend your CSV file and repeat steps 6-10.

    Preview External Users before import


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