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Why would I want to use web groups?

Warwick WebGroups is a supported service that enables created groups of individuals to be given permissions across a number of applications, such as SiteBuilder pages and Warwick Forums.

There are a number of advantages to using WebGroups:

  • It is a lot quicker and more efficient to use WebGroups rather than having to enter each individual username.
  • A WebGroup can be created/updated using both people's IT Services username and Library Card numbers.
  • If groups change frequently, it is much easier to update or maintain the group lists.
  • Groups can be included in permissions lists for SiteBuilder pages, Warwick Blogs, Warwick Forums and Files.Warwick. SiteBuilder's cascading template will update all the admin and edit permissions for all the pages underneath a certain point with everyone's individual codes in one go, thus making the editing of pages much quicker (Note: this is a feature of SiteBuilder and not WebGroups).

The WebGroups service can be accessed from

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