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Changes to Applications

Application Delivery are currently consolidating the application delivery mechanisms in an effort to simplify provision. This means that some applications will move to the Software Center and some that have very little use will be retired. A list of the changes can be found below.

Note: If you need access to one or more of the applications being retired please contact the Helpdesk on 73737 and they can help you to get it installed locally.

The Following applications can be accessed from the Software Center (or from the Application Catalogue link in the Software Center)
Applications moved 17/06/2016
Additional Applications moved 29/07/2016
Mindjet 14 Avogrado
Statistics for the Terrified 6.2 ChemSketch Freeware
TexLive 13 Configural Frequency Analysis
IBM SPSS Statistics & Amos Didital Editions
DNA Star 12 Free OCR
Tanner Tools 15 FSGAdmin
Blackboard IM 1.0 GhostScript & GS Viewer
Mercury 3.3 GSIM
Chimera 1.0 Handbrake
Infranview 1.0/4.0 InkScape
Winmerge 2.14 Jmol
Demeter and Pearll 0.9 Lab Chart & Scope
Maple 18 Movie Maker
Python 2.7.3 NBS Admin
Python 3.4.0 Offline Image Viewer
UAM Corpus Tool 3.1 Pidgin
Cconmpr 2.2 Power and Sample Size Calculation
  OIV Offline Image Viewer 1.0/3.1
  Exceed 14
  Epi Info 7.71
  Reference Costs Grouper
  DataManagerPro 1.3
  SAP Stock Take and Handheld
  Scientific WorkPlace
  Second Life
  SnapGene Viewer
  StatFit (included in Simul8 application deployment)
  BizagiPM .23


The following applications will not be available under IT Services Delivered Applications. If you still want to use one of them contact the Helpdesk on 73737.

Applications retired on 17/06/2016
Additional Applications retired on 29/07/2016
WinRATS Std 8.3 (newer version available) CFA
WinRATS 8.0 (newer version available) EpaxWri
Foxit Reader 5.4 GhostScr.9
Tarsia 1.0/3.9HESAWVK ITSM2000
GSA 8.6 MarvinB.593
JabRef 2.7 MathPlay .3
MassLynx 4.1 mestrec.23
NX Session Administrator 1.03/3.5 NLOGIT.4
Paint.NET 2.72 openBUGS_323
Hiot Potatoe 6.3 OUFileH.1
SuperTABLE 7.1 RemoteAs
OxMetrix 1.0/4 RemoteOp
Laserbee 5.3.5 SAP00.710
EasyFit 5.2 SSCanner.200
MicroFit for Windows 4.2 VMD.19
Scope for Windows 3.9  
Wordsmith 5  
Reference Manager 5.0  
MxPro 1.0  
PowDLL Converter 2.35  
Freemake video converter 2.0  
Burnaware Free 6.0  
StatsDirect 2.7  
SQL Server 2005 Management Studio