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New Manager Hub

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Welcome to the New Manager Hub

This hub is designed to help you find most of the things you will need if you are new to people management, or if you are an experienced people manager who is new to Warwick. We have included key information here, although if you cannot find what you are looking for then the HR A-Z index may also be useful.

If you are new to Warwick, then also see the Welcome Hub.

Additional Information


There is a staff IT induction as well as a range of other IT Training events available including Excel, Sitebuilder and OneDrive.


When it is time for you to recruit new people to join your team, you will need to ensure you follow the correct recruitment process. You will need to ensure you have the necessary approvals, avoid any delays and make sure the legislative requirements are met when hiring new staff.


Concur is the system used for authorising any expenses your direct reports’ incur.

Leadership & Management Development

A range of Leadership & Management Development programmes ,events and e-learning are available, along with other learning options.


A range of finance training is available. Don’t forget, if you’re new to Warwick, some Finance training is mandatory.


You will need to follow interviewing rules which include what you must do when considering the questions to ask, who is in the interview panel as well the mandatory training required. Please be aware that notes must be retained for the required period of time.


If you are responsible for procuring external products or services, you will need to familiarise yourself with procurement procedures to ensure you remain compliant.

Budget Management

If you are responsible for a department budget, contact your Central Finance Manager contact to discuss your budget management responsibilities.


You may need to access the SAP or OPeRA systems if you will be involved in purchasing or procurement.

Inducting new staff

You should refer to the Welcome Hub to help you organise induction plans and ensure new staff are inducted appropriately. There are different requirements depending on the role. Talk with your line manager if you are unsure of your legal responsibilities in this area.

Pay and Expenses

Information on pay relating to how to view payslips, pay queries and how to submit expenses.


SuccessFactors is our online HR tool. You’ll use this system to manage your direct reports’ annual leave and other absences. Employees can use the system to view payslips, request absence and update any personal details such as a change of address. In time, the system will also provide recruitment and onboarding support, access to the Learning Management System and online version of the PDR process.