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Minitab (General Statistical)

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The package covers most statistical procedures to some extent, with a strong emphasis on the design and analysis of experiments, and on statistical process control, both with a focus on industrial applications. Because perhaps of its pedigree as a tool for teaching statistics, its help functionality is particularly strong, offering help in recognising the appropriateness of particular statistical methods to your data. Minitab was developed at Penn State University and has been one of the standard packages for teaching statistics for over three decades. It has also developed into a reasonably full general purpose statistical package that may be used in research.

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Minitab is marketed by Minitab Inc ( Their website contains a range of teaching resources, some chargeable, including a list of text-books which reference Minitab, many providing examples in Minitab code.

Note on General Purpose Statistical Packages:

Broadly, these packages offer the user an easy way of applying standard estimation, confidence interval and hypothesis testing techniques to general data, usually input in the form of a spreadsheet.

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