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NVivo (Specific Statistical)

Qualitative data analysis software

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NVivo supports a wide range of qualitiative
research methodologies and accepts data in a wide variety of formats: e.g. audio files, videos, digital photos, Word, PDF, spreadsheets, rich text, plain text and web and social media data. It includes tools for network and organizational analysis, action or evidence-based research, discourse analysis, grounded theory, conversation analysis,
ethnography, literature reviews, phenomenology, and mixed methods research.

NVivo has its origins in the Nudist software
package developed in the early 1980s.
Nudist stands for Non-Numerical Unstructured Data Indexing Searching and Theorizing and was one of the first programs to support the management and analysis of unstructured qualitative data.

NVivo has taken over and extended the functionality of Nudist and is the
flagship software of QSR International.

Supplied by QSR International through a CHEST site licence including home use by both staff and students. Can be downloaded by University members only from: NVivo | Software | IT Services | University of Warwick

NVivo is marketed though QSR’s website:, where there is a range of support material including video tutorials.

Note on Statistical Packages Designed for a Specific Set of Functions:

These packages are designed to provide a limited set of functions, but often more advanced ones than are found in general purpose statistical packages, e.g. time series analysis or Bayesian modelling.

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