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Research Community

Research Staff Forum

The Research Staff Forum is a networking and focus group for research active colleagues. We meet to share views on issues such as learning, development and engagement and to share good practice and ideas. All research active colleagues are welcome.

Research Culture Committee

The Research Culture Committee brings together researchers, technicians, PGR students, and Professional Services Staff to have open and collaborative discussions about the University’s research culture, to share best practice and influence developments in this area.


The Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers recognises the critical role of research and innovation in delivering the UK’s ambitious economic and industrial strategies, and aims to set the gold standard in researcher development. The University is committed to fully supporting the Principles of the 2019 revised Concordat.

Researcher Induction

The Researcher Induction aims to induct research-active staff at the University by introducing them to the central departments, staff and teams that are essential to research and researchers. All research active colleagues are welcome.

HR Excellence in Research

The Vitae HR Excellence in Research award recognises the effective implementation of the 'European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers' which set out principles for good working conditions for researchers.

Challenging Inappropriate Behaviours in Research

See the Social Inclusion Group or the Researcher Training and Development Directory for further support.