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About Our Services

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Team

The Mental Health Co-ordinators, are available to meet with students who have been diagnosed with a mental health condition or who have a severe and/or enduring mental health difficulty/disability. We will work with students to:

  • identify support needs
  • arrange reasonable adjustments to study where students are affected by a mental health disability
    (please note: you will need to provide medical evidence, which we will ask you to bring to your appointment)
  • provide guidance on Disabled Students' Allowances application
  • arrange access to Mental Health Mentoring for students in receipt of funding, where mentoring has been recommended
  • liaise with academic and other departments on behalf of students, where agreed
  • discuss strategies for managing student life
  • provide information and, if needed, access to other services within the University and local mental health services

Please note: If you require counselling or therapy, the University has a dedicated Counselling Service for students, providing a range of services inclduing individual face to face counselling, email counselling and workshops.

The Wellbeing Co-ordinator, and Outreach Wellbeing Advisers, are available to advise on a number of strategies which may help students improve their wellbeing, resulting in a more productive and enjoyable time at Warwick. They offer Wellbeing appointments as well as other forms of interventions such as the Wellbeing Advice Lounge and Introduction to Living Well at Warwick workshops. Please check the website for more information.

We also offer Wellbeing workshop programme sessions to help students manage stress and anxiety more effectively.

The Mental Health Mentors, can provide specialist mental health mentoring for students in receipt of funding.

Referrals and Appointment

To access support from the Mental Health and Wellbeing Team, please go to the appointment information page where you will find a link to our appointment request form - please complete and send this form. We will then contact you to invite you to a Wellbeing group session, or to a meeting with either the Wellbeing Adviser or one of the Mental Health Co-ordinators.

Please see the appointment information page regarding current approximate appointment wait time for an individual face-to-face appointment. Please note that we are not a crisis service. If you need urgent support, please see the crisis situations page for more information about support which is available to you.

Confidentiality and Information Sharing

You may be concerned about disclosing a mental health difficulty and worry this may be seen negatively or that they may be labelled in an unhelpful way. However, the Mental Health and Wellbeing Team are professionals who work to support students in a non-judgemental manner. Personal information discussed in sessions is held confidential within Wellbeing Support Services and will not be shared with any other department, external individual such as a parent, or external organisation. However, sharing certain information with other professionals or departments may be helpful in providing the best possible support for a student, for example arranging adjustments to study if appropriate.

In such a situation, what is communicated and to whom will be agreed with you beforehand. In exceptional circumstances, for example where there may be an immediate risk of harm, it may be necessary to pass on information to other professionals, on a need to know basis, without your explicit consent. Confidentiality and information sharing will be discussed and agreed with each student when they meet a member of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Team.

Additional Resources

Accomodation Costs: Students who might incur additional costs for on-campus ensuite accommodation as a direct result of a disability may be eligible for a subsidy towards those costs on disability grounds. You can find additional information at this link.

Warwick Sport

Warwick Sport have also developed a Warwick Sport Health and Wellbeing Outreach Programme, please click the link for more details.

A focus on student and staff wellbeing
You care about your wellbeing - and so do we. Sport and activity can help lift your mood and take away built up stresses. We run initiatives throughout the year to help make your time at the Warwick a happy, productive and active one.

We aim to show all students and staff how adding a little movement to your day can have a big impact.

Free feel good classes
All University of Warwick students and staff can enjoy a range of free health and wellbeing classes (booking required).

They are a great way to get away from study or working to relax and re-energise.

For Postgrads

For postgrads, the PG Hub organises On Track, a programme of workshops to help you with your academic development and wellbeing.

In addition they run regular sessions, where you can get support and meet other PGs, including:

- PG Tips (Tuesdays 3-4pm in the PG Hub)

- Research Refresh (Thursday 10.30-12pm in the Research Exchange)

- Take the Postgrad Realities Course. It is set of self-paced, online modules providing you with the tools you’ll need to tackle the twists and turns of your PhD journey and help you reach your finish line.

This course will help you:

- get familiar with the realities of postgrad life

- Build relationships with your peers and your supervisor

- Manage procrastination and maintain momentum

- Deal with culture shock, expectations and perfectionism

- Overcome negative feelings, such as self-doubt and anxiety.


PodcastPODCAST: Anita Chagar from The Student Journals chats to Sarah Ashworth - Head of Mental Health & Wellbeing, to find out more about mental health and wellbeing at University.

Coventry & Warwickshire Mind's Journey Bus will be visiting the Campus on various dates. Look at our Living Well Calender for details of this and other activities on campus.

Mind Journey Bus

Coventry & Warwickshire Mind also provide a range of local mental health services including Befriending, Body & Mind, SHARE and Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT).

Leamington Spa has Springfield Mind which runs drop in sessions twice a week.