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Care has to be taken in deciding the categorisation of studentships and contributions towards studentships. We need to be aware that these will be scrutinised in our HESA return and also relate to our QR income.

If we are to record industrial studentships as 'Research' we need to be sure that they can be categorised as such. The University uses the Frascati definition to help us determine this.

In order to ensure recording for studentships is done correctly:

  • In general 'stand alone' studentship awards from Research Councils e.g. DTGs, quota studentships or charity funded are not research and should not go onto the database. The Graduate School deal with the administration of these.
  • If you feel you want to record the above Research Council element of CASE awards as you have dealt with the proposals then these need to be recorded as Studentship 'Yes' and Activity Type 'Research Related'. Please note these will not be visible on the dashboard, count as research income etc.
  • However, the 'top up' element of Industrial CASE awards and CASE/DTG Agreements (where there is a separate agreement between the University/Company etc) needs to be recorded as Proposal Type 'Research Contract', Studentship 'No' and Activity Type 'Research'. I.e. this is recording the funding from the company only for additional stipend, travel, consumables and contributions to the department.