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Any special standards of work performance and ethical conduct imposed by law, professional bodies or by the University in relation to particular categories of research are deemed to be included in this research governance website in its application to persons engaged in that research in the University.

Researchers have a responsibility to read the terms and conditions of funders before the University accepts a grant or contract and to ensure they understand the implications of those terms for the undertaking of such research and that they agree to, and accept, these terms as the basis for that research.

Researchers must ensure that the terms and conditions of any grant or contract related to the research are adhered to. Researchers must adhere to all Financial Regulations and Procedures including those related to purchasing or procurement of materials, equipment or other resources for research and the hiring of staff for research projects. Researchers must use and manage finances relating to research projects in line the the terms and conditions of the funding and report any concerns or irregularities to their departmental administrator or R&IS Departmental Officer as soon as they become aware of them.