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Lilya Andrianova 2016 mentor group

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This form will post an initial welcome message to the Mentor Communications page of . You will also be "subscribed" to that page, meaning you will receive email notifications when the student posts a reply to any of your messages, and when the student marks an e-portfolio task as "completed".

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Name Usercode Email address Status Department  
Francis Aznaran u1404489 Student Mathematics Remove
Emily Braxton msumbv Student Chemistry Remove
Emma Buchanan u1431307 Student History Remove
Daniel Bull msunca Student Chemistry Remove
Sam Butterworth esumgx Student School of Engineering Remove
Rory Claydon phunau Student Physics Remove
Rebecca Clayton u1413747 Student Chemistry Remove
Mayur Dave maunev Student Mathematics Remove
Claudine Davies-Parmenter u1409223 Student Economics Remove
Marco Del Vecchio u1406024 Student Statistics Remove
Rebecca Diez u1420331 Student Life Sciences Remove
David Duncan maulgi Student Physics Remove
Isak Falk maunfb Student Mathematics Remove
Anna Georgiou u1500524 Student Philosophy Remove
Trish Gunaratnam phumhc Student Mathematics Remove
Helene Kleih fruncb Student School of Modern Languages and Cultures Remove
Matt Koch u1402999 Student History Remove
James Kohout phunfd Student Mathematics Remove
Will Spurr u1406490 Student Philosophy Remove
Phil Taylor csundv Student Computer Science Remove