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Marie Murphy 2016 mentor group

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This form will post an initial welcome message to the Mentor Communications page of . You will also be "subscribed" to that page, meaning you will receive email notifications when the student posts a reply to any of your messages, and when the student marks an e-portfolio task as "completed".

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Name Usercode Email address Status Department  
Hajra Aamer phunbb Student Physics Remove
Islam Abdelgadir ecummi Student Philosophy Remove
Lottie Adcock clumay Student History of Art Remove
Jacob Barker psunbc Student Psychology Remove
Edward Barlow esunbg Student School of Engineering Remove
Amy Bates u1402980 Student Chemistry Remove
Jonatan Benarroch phunbf Student Physics Remove
Tamay Besiroglu u1404976 Student Philosophy Remove
Steve Dunne hyumaw Student History Remove
Nataliya Dyadyusha u1402172 Student Mathematics Remove
Alyasa Hakim u1518620 Student Life Sciences Remove
Ellis Hancox u1417137 Student Chemistry Remove
Lucy Handford u1402967 Student Chemistry Remove
Matt Harwood u1416859 Student Life Sciences Remove
Jamie Haworth hyuncq Student History Remove
Jivan Kandola u1506801 Student Classics Remove
Amy Keating u1413391 Student Life Sciences Remove
Sophie Keeling u1301128 Student Life Sciences Remove
Ben Kercher esunfq Student School of Engineering Remove
Oli Steel phuneq Student Physics Remove
Tom Stephens msumaj Student Chemistry Remove