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Get help with your public engagement plan

What would a research project public engagement element look like?
This depends on the research you're doing! It may be a blog post (or a series) about the research. It could be a set of social media posts (e.g. twitter, instagram, tiktok) about your subject, presented in a way that encourages responses. It could be a game, or an event for schools, or a youtube video, or a collaboration with a community group, or something else. The only limit is your creativity!

Engagement and ICUR
One option for your public engagement activity could be to run an engagement activity as part of ICUR (The International Conference of Undergraduate Research), hosted at Warwick as part of Welcome Week. WIE will be developing a public facing event as part of the conference which parents, friends, and the public will all be able to come to. You'll be able to apply to run your public engagement activity (this could be a short talk or interactive activity) as part of this event. If you'd like to use this as part of your engagement plans then mention your intention as part of your URSS application. The WIE team will contact you with information about how you can sign up and help you with developing your activity if your application to URSS is successful.

For help developing your ideas visit this page or come along to one of our support sessions:


Fri 21 Jan 2022, 12:41