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Undergraduate Research Support Scheme: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the URSS?

  • The Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (URSS) is a scheme to provide a bursary and skills development training to support undergraduate students who wish to carry out a summer research project as an addition to their degree course.

  • Who is eligible?

If you are a fully-registered Warwick undergraduate student, then you are eligible to apply for a URSS bursary. This excludes visiting Erasmus students and students on other exchange trips (you can check your status with Student Records).

If you are in your final year, you are still eligible. However, it is important to note that commitment to the scheme will run beyond your graduation. This can add additional complications, in particular for IT, building and Library access, as you will no longer be classed as a full member of the University after your graduation.

If you have participated in URSS previously, you are welcome to apply again, but you must be clear about what you will gain from being granted further funding, as this will be taken into account in the scoring process.

  • Where do I find a project?

For the URSS, most projects are designed by the student. Therefore, speak some ideas through with your personal tutor/a member of your academic department to come up with some initial ideas. Some departments may offer projects over the summer; again, check with your personal tutor.

What do I get out of the URSS?

  • Your participation in the URSS will be mentioned in your HEAR.
  • You will also receive a certificate of completion.

What is a HEAR?

A ‘Higher Education Achievement Report’ details the achievements you have been awarded at the University of Warwick, as an undergraduate. You should receive this in the following academic year, in Term 2.

Guidance and Support

  • When are the training workshops?
    • These workshops will be displayed on the URSS homepage, the URSS site on myAdvantage.
    • What if I am unable to attend?
    • We also provide online resources that will compliment the workshops.

If you are a URSS participant...

'What if I can’t attend workshops? What if I’m not on campus for the summer?'

No problem! We are currently producing video briefings that will be shared online, and will also record our Research Development Day. This will mean that you can access these important sessions online at a time that is convienent for you.

'When will I receive my bursary?'

We are expecting your bursary to be transferred to you by late May/early June 2016.

How to set up your Bank account details for bursary payment:

Login to
From your Student finance page select the “Providing Your Bank Details” tab on the left
Then click on the “Collecting bank details for payments to students” screen.
Select the PG/UG Awards from the drop down list and continue to enter your bank sort code and account number.
If you have any problems with this process, please contact PGSCHOLARSHIPS@WARWICK.AC.UK before contacting URSS.

If you need details of when your bursary will be paid, please contact your departmental administrator/ finance administrator before URSS.

'When is the deadline for the poster and abstract submission?'

You must complete your online portfolio, produce an abstract (to be uploaded onto your portfolio), and produce an A1 poster (uploaded onto your portfolio and a physical copy for the 9th November Showcase event).

The deadline has been set for Monday 10th October 2016. Extensions will not be granted.

'I’m a finalist – what happens to my access rights?'

We are currently working on extending your access to Warwick buildings and electronic resources. The extension will be granted until late September. If you are a finalist and experience access issues, please contact:

'Who do I contact if I am abroad?'

You are expected to have an ongoing dialogue with your supervisor, who can assist you with project enquiries. Before you travel abroad, you are expected to be aware of the local contact details for the British Consulate/Embassy, and to have consulted the Office for Global Engagement for advice and guidance.

Please ensure that the URSS team have your contact details (mobile number used whilst abroad), incase we need to get in contact.

'Does the URSS have a Facebook group?'

Yes, indeed it does! Please join the group and the conversation here. We will be answering questions/keeping you updated on Facebook, as well as the website - so please check it out!

'What if I have to drop out?'

You must contact the URSS team ( immediately.

'What if I can’t attend workshops?'

We will be looking to provide online resources that will complement the workshops/events.

What if I don’t use all the URSS money paid to me, do I have to return any of it?

You will be expected to follow the breakdown you provided in your URSS application. If you are under-budget, please review this with your supervisor and the URSS team.


  • I’m a finalist – what happens to my access rights?
    • We are working with IT Services here at Warwick to provide prolonged access to the University and its online resources, so you may carry out your research with Warwick. This request normally takes a while to process, but we normally can guarantee access for finalists by the end of Term 3.

Completing the project

  • What if I can’t complete my project?
    • You must inform your supervisor immediately. State the reasons why you cannot commit to the project, and see if there is a workaround available. If there is no workaround, and the only option available is to drop out, please notify the URSS team immediately by emailing:

What if I have to drop out?

  • As stated previously, you must inform your supervisor. After a conversation with your supervisor, you must then email the URSS team ( and copy in your supervisor.
  • Who do I contact to arrange repayment of my unused Bursary? Your supervisor’s department will have a finance team, who will be able to help with your URSS bursary. If you are not sure of the contact details for this finance team, please speak to your supervisor.

Being abroad

  • Who do I contact if I have any problems while I am abroad?
    • You should be maintaining contact with your supervisor whilst abroad, to update them on your location and activities.
    • If you require immediate assistance, you should have the contact information for your local embassy/consulate. If you have British citizenship, the contact details of your local embassy/consulate can be found here:
    • In an emergency, you are able to contact the University (Security Gatehouse, 24/7) on: +44 (0)24 7652 2222. You may call this number to also relay a message to your supervisor/the URSS team in an emergency.
    • Before you fly, you should have completed the University’s Travel Risk Assessment form, and have submitted to your supervisor and the URSS team.


  • 'I can’t see my recent posts on my portfolio page'
    • Oh no! You should get in contact with Rob O’Toole, who currently supports the URSS portfolio pages. Please contact Rob here.

DBS (formerly CRB) Checks

  • Where can I get a DBS check?
    • The Postgraduate Admissions Office has information regarding obtaining a DBS Certificate. Full details are on their webpage at the link below:

  • How will I know when it has been received by Warwick Print?

You will receive a notification email from Warwick Print confirming their order. If you do not receive a notification, please contact Warwick Print through their website:

  • Who pays for the printing?

Your supervisor’s academic department will pay for the poster. When ordering your poster through Warwick Print, you will be prompted for your supervisor’s department’s cost code. Please contact your supervisor if you are unaware of the department’s cost code.

  • What if I want to print a second poster because the first one contains errors?

In this case, you will then need to pay for the second poster to be printed. This is why it is key for your poster to be checked by your supervisor before you print your poster.

  • I won’t be in the country to get my poster to Warwick Print by the deadline, what should I do?

No problem! You can order your print through

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