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Black History Month

Photo: Portrait of Dido Elizabeth Belle (left) and her cousin, Lady Elizabeth Murray (right).

Black History Month is celebrated annually in October

To promote and celebrate Black history, we've created a list of blogs, videos, books, podcasts, resources, and events that we hope will get you thinking, help you learn more, and start conversations.

Almost all of the items listed below are freely available online or from Warwick’s library (where this is not the case, this has been indicated).

Even when it's no longer Black History Month, it’s important to remember that Black history shouldn’t just be celebrated for only one month of the year, which is why we have this information available all year round.

Please find below all of the content we have collated, so you can read/watch/listen to the materials in October and beyond.


Patrick Vernon, The Voice (October 2013) Origins of Black History Month in Britain.

Social activist, commentator, and former Labour Councillor Patrick Vernon OBE describes how October came to be Black History Month in the UK, and how it differs from the month in America (which is celebrated in February).


Molly Tresadern, Art UK (November 2016) Ten Black British Artists to Celebrate.

“Sometimes the nation’s art can seem overwhelmingly white – both in subject and artist. Here at Art UK we want to share with you some of our favourite Black and British artists from the nation’s art collection”.


Colin Grant, the Guardian (April 2018) Five Books about the Windrush Generation.

As an added bonus, all but one of the books discussed in this article are available in the library.


Dr Angelina Osborne, for Fawcett Society (October 2017) Black History Month: The Power of Olive Morris.

“Olive Morris was a community activist in South London in the 1970s, who died of cancer aged 27 in 1979. Through her activities organising the Black community and feminist activism, she left behind an extraordinary legacy of local activism”. Also have a look at the 2006, Remembering Olive CollectiveLink opens in a new window for more information about her life and interviews with people who knew her.


Black History Month - Pre-Colonial History.

A range of blogs on pre-colonial Black history.


Department of Physics - Black History Month.

The department of Physics is proud of its commitment to diversity, and as part of Black History Month a description of some inspirational Black Physicists can be found on this page.


Warwick Institute of Engagement - Exploring Black History Month with the Colonial Hangover project.

Black History month originated to recognise contributions and achievements of those of African and Caribbean heritage. The month also serves as a reminder that these stories are often missing from the curriculum and our teaching of British history. The Colonial Hangover project is creating a space for students to explore different histories, particularly the stories of the colonised.


Department of History - Write up of David Hume Meets BLM, led by Michael Bycroft on 9 February 2021.

Summary by Eseosa Akojie, Final Year History and Politics Student and Undergraduate Research Assistant a 'Now and Then' seminar about colonialism and commemoration.


Department of History - University Challenge: Decolonising the Curriculum, by Xaymaca Awoyungbo (First year Undergraduate, History).

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